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How to Wash a Car

Did you know that washing your Nissan Altima regularly in Nisswa can help maintain its resale value? It’s true! When you know how to wash a car and how often to wash a car, it not only looks great but you can stop some types of damage before it starts. Find out how with Tanner Nissan.



How Often to Wash a Car

If you’re taking your Nissan Rogue off-roading near Aitkin, you’re going to need to wash your car more often than if you’re commuting to work from Bemidji. How often to wash a car with regular driving? About every two weeks will do the trick.

How to Wash a Car: What You Need

Most of the equipment you need is readily available and inexpensive. Washing your car at home will save you money, prevent car wash damage, and allow you to give your car’s exterior a good inspection. Here’s what you need:

  • Car washing solution. Skip the dish soap and contact our parts department for their recommendation.
  • Natural sponge or wool mitt
  • Garden hose and bucket
  • Chamois or terry cloth towels
  • Glass cleaner
  • Aluminum wheel cleaner
  • Clay bar
  • Compound with dual-action polisher
  • Carnauba or polymer-based wax

How to Wash a Car: Step by Step

  1. Start at the top by giving your car a thorough rinse to remove dirt and objects that might scratch the paint.
  2. Using the car wash solution and a natural sponge or wool mitt, start at the top of the car and scrub. Save the wheels and wheel wells for last. Rinse with fresh, clean water.
  3. Use glass cleaner on the windows.
  4. Use the wheel cleaner on the wheels, and devote the time to also clean the wheel wells. They’ll likely be the dirtiest part of your car.
  5. Sometimes contaminants like tree sap can leave bumps on your car that soap won’t remove. Use the clay bar to buff away these bumps.
  6. If you want to repair any small scratches, use 2-4 coats of a compound with a dual-action polisher.
  7. Apply a single coat of this polish to the entire car with a terry cloth towel or an orbital buffer for extra shine.
  8. Apply an even coat of wax to protect your paint from road salt, UV rays, and corrosions. Let the wax set, then buff it out with a soft towel.

Learn DIY Car Tips with Tanner Nissan!

Now that you know how to wash a car, learn more DIY car care tips with Tanner Nissan! We’re here to save you money and time in keeping your Nissan in the best shape possible! Still notice a glare in your windshield? Be sure to read up on how to clean the inside of your windshield!

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