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How to Clean Car Windshield

You may know how to wash and sanitize your car, but do you know how to clean car windshield surfaces properly? Learning how to clean inside car windows is simple, but it requires the right tools and techniques to get crystal clear results. The team at Tanner Nissan is here to answer your most commonly asked questions, like “Can you use Windex on car windows?” and “How do I avoid a streaky finish?” Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about cleaning your windshield at home.



How to Clean Inside Car Windows

If you’ve noticed your windshield becoming hazy or foggy in Nisswa, it’s time to break out the cleaning supplies. Before you start, you’ll need a microfiber towel, glass cleaner, and rubbing alcohol. Then, follow these steps:

  • Take your microfiber cloth and wipe the surface of the glass to remove any loose debris.
  • Spray the microfiber cleaning cloth with your glass cleaner of choice and continue to wipe the surface of the glass to remove stubborn grime and dirt.
  • On a clean microfiber cloth, apply rubbing alcohol and wipe down the glass to remove any oils or grease.
  • Finally, finish with glass polish or another round of glass cleaner to give the best transparency possible.

Can You Use Windex on Car Windows?

Can you use Windex on car windows? The answer is yes, but you can use any common glass cleaner of your choice or ask our parts department for recommendations. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you choose Windex:

  • Some auto enthusiasts believe that Windex will damage the finish of tinted windows, but there’s no evidence that it is true with factory-tinted windows. However, if you’ve gotten your tint from a third party, you might want to play it safe and choose something else.
  • Windex can damage your upholstery if you aren’t careful, especially for those with leather interiors. Spraying onto the microfiber instead of directly onto the windshield can give you better control.

Extra Car Windshield Cleaning Tips

You know the basics of how to clean inside car windows, but if you want to get the best finish possible, take a look at the top tips from our detailing staff:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths leave less residue and streaks than other options. Paper towels may be a popular choice, but they can leave small fibers on the surface of your vehicle.
  • Equipment like reach-and-clean tools can be a worthwhile investment to get every inch of your windshield, especially if you do DIY detailing frequently.
  • We recommend using a circular motion to wipe initially and finish with vertical strokes to prevent streaks and swirls in your finish.
  • While we’ve written about how to clean car windshield, these tips also work on the interior of your car windows as well.

Find Out more with Tanner Nissan

If you’re in the Aitkin or Bemidji area, Tanner Nissan is just a short drive away in Brainerd. We’d be happy to help you find the supplies you need to keep your car clean, and we also offer detailing services for that professional deep cleaning. Contact us with your questions.

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