What is the Nissan Maintenance Schedule?

Nissan mechanic checking brakes


No matter if you’re a commuting champ or a weekend warrior, you still need to keep your car in ideal shape for everything Nisswa throws at you. The Nissan maintenance schedule needs to be kept because it’s key to keeping your car on the road for longer. Every now and again at certain mileage intervals, you should come on into the Nissan service center at a place like Tanner Nissan and have us look at your Nissan. And if you want to schedule service online, Tanner Nissan is the place because we’ve got a handy web form to help you out!

3,000 Mile/3 Month Service

This is the first piece of routine maintenance you’ll want to do on a new Nissan in Aitkin. Here’s what goes into the 3,000 mile/3 month service:

  • Replace engine oil and filter, up to 5 quarts
  • Lube all locks, hinges, doors, and weather stripping
  • Perform a multi-point inspection check
  • Check all fluid levels and top off when applicable
  • Adjust all tire pressures
  • Lubricate and check suspension when applicable
  • Inspect all belts except the timing belt for wear and tear
  • Check all hoses, clamps, and the exhaust system
  • Exterior light system check
  • Clean battery terminals and spray corrosive protectant
  • Visual inspection of your brakes
  • Reset the maintenance light
  • Road test the vehicle
  • Car wash

This can also be done at 5,000, 25,000, 32,000, and 45,000 miles.

6,000 Mile/6 Month Service

When getting Brainerd service on your car, this is what you should do next. You can also do this at 12,000, 24,000, and 51,000 miles.

  • Rotate your tires
  • Clean the air box and air filter to remove debris
  • Install engine oil additive
  • Inspect the wiper blades and replace if needed
  • Clean and adjust the rear brakes

15,000 Mile/12 Month Service

You should also be doing this process in Bemidji at 45,000, 75,000, 105,000, and 135,000 miles. You’ll get the standard service as well as:

  • Balance your wheels (rotating tires if needed)
  • Install engine gas additive
  • Adjust drive belts
  • Clean and adjust rear brakes and adjusting the parking brake

30,000 Mile/24 Month Service

Last of all, you should be getting this done at your Nissan service center at the 30,000, 60,000, 120,000, and 150,000 mile marks. 

  • Service battery and install acid protectors on terminals, with corrosive protection spray
  • Balance your wheels
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace engine fuel filter
  • Install engine gas additive
  • Adjust drive belts
  • Replace wiper inserts
  • Clean and adjust rear brakes and adjust parking brake
  • Drain and refill coolant system with up to one gallon of antifreeze
  • Drain and refill transmission fluid, up to six quarts

Tanner Nissan: Your Nissan Source

Wondering about the Nissan maintenance schedule? Brainerd service doesn’t get much simpler than going to Tanner Nissan. We want to be your Nissan service center! Contact us today!

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