Sanitize Your Vehicle

How to Sanitize Your Car

As you can imagine, we’ve been asked a lot over the last few weeks about how to best sanitize a vehicle. Learning how to sanitize your car has certainly become more important, and it takes a little more than simply dusting down the surfaces and vacuuming up any crumbs. Still, removing bacteria, germs, and viruses is something anyone can do in their very own driveway! Don’t hesitate to read on and find out everything you should be doing to sanitize your car with our team at Tanner Nissan in Brainerd.



What Should You Use?

First up, you’ll want to gather all the right materials; you’ll need cleaners strong enough to get rid of bacteria and viruses but not harsh enough to damage your car’s surfaces. Pick up cleaners and disinfectants specifically designed for use inside vehicles. Household disinfectant wipes can also work to kill germs and clean surfaces.

How to Sanitize your Nissan

To sanitize your vehicle, simply follow these steps for each part of the interior:

  • Steering Wheel: As a high-contact area, the steering wheel deserves plenty of attention. Use wipes across it, making sure you get into the stitching, creases, and any controls.
  • Handles and Buttons: Disinfectant wipes can damage the paint on exterior handles, but they’re fine for interior ones. Take the time to wipe down the door handles, plus buttons on your doors for the windows and side mirrors.
  • Infotainment Center: Carefully go over the control buttons and knobs, then use a microfiber cloth on the touchscreen. An alcohol-free ammonia cleaner will prevent any damage to the screen.
  • Cup Holders: Clean up any dirt or crumbs, then break out the disinfectant wipes.
  • Seats: Perform a spot test with whatever cleaner you use to ensure it won’t leave a mark. You can actually use old-fashioned soap and water for fabric. For leather, use a product designed to disinfectant leather surfaces.
  • Floor: Remove the mats and wash them using antibacterial soap and water. Treat the carpets with the same solution.

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